GENT Open has already started


Over fifty players six nationalities on Paddle Club 4U2. The Gent Open is underway. The rainy Friday afternoon served to open the curtain of International Paddle Challenge 2013, a day in which couples began to stomp in the first tournament of the year, attended by the professional players and Esther Valeria Pavón Lasheras for activities with players and fans. Padelfanatic pure.

The beautiful town of Ghent and breathe the scent of the paddle only international amateur circuit that exists in the world and this year gives a remarkable leap in quality with twelve quotes distributed by the nine countries that are home to the competition.

The opening session featured a great level by players from Spain, Belgium, England, Denmark, Argentina and Sweden. Definitely the best starting gun for a test now living his second exciting chapter, will be defined as the semifinals in all categories in contention.