Sussarello-Zandarin and Basterretxea-Lopez was crowned in Turin Open

The Turin 2016 Open already has winners. The Basterretxea-Lopez couple has overcome in the final to Leonik-De Barros pair in men's category A and the pair formed by Sussarello-Zandarin has been proclaimed winner in the female category. By the International Padel Experience Madison, sponsored by Estrella Damm, crown the first winners in the 2016 edition has just begun. In the men A stressed above all the game played by the Basterretxea-Lopez couple from beginning to end of the tournament. The winners reached the final after beating in the semifinals Chicco-Castelli. Despite the inequality in the score, the game was very exciting and there who cataloged the early end. Experience and a voracious ambition at key points decided the match in favor of Basterretxea-Lopez by a final score of 6-3 6-2. Meanwhile, the couple Leonik-De Barros won the penultimate round of the championship Roffoni-Fatelli with a final score of 6-2 6-3 in a very close and with great emotion match points. The final between Basterretxea-Lopez and Basterretxea-Lopez began around 19:00 in the ASD facilities pulp of Torino with an excellent atmosphere to witness the last meeting in Turin's only international amateur circuit paddle there. The match was decided in just one hour, with a landslide victory Basterretxea-Lopez 6-0 6-4, with almost no options for opponents. With this win, Basterretxea get back a test of the International Padel Experience by Madison, since in 2015 he won the title in Milan. Likewise, De Barros gets to be at the gates of victory, as happened in the last edition of the Turin Open. The party left details of high level, a very refined technique in each of the players and how could it be otherwise, was highlighted the strong desire by both partners to seize the prizes: the prizes for champions of the top flight it has been two hotel nights for the final at the DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Higueron, high-end blades Bullpadel and two tickets to the Final Master Estrella Damm. In addition, all players could savor the virtues of beer Estrella Damm, who was present during all days of the test. And only for participating in the Open Turin recibieon players a great welcome pack, consisting of comfortable Gymsack and the official pole of the International Padel Experience Madison by 2016. IMG_2719 In the women, during the day today have played every game. The couple composed of Sussarello-Zandarin have risen in the first test of 2016 Madison IPE by demonstrating a high level of play and overlapping with hierarchy in their meetings. Also noteworthy is the Spanish partner San Martin-Repiso, who traveled exclusively to the city of Po to dispute this test and fell with merits in the semifinals against the champions, although they had in his hand the ticket to the final. This match was the most even of all played on a day which many people attended and the great attachment of the population of Turin was confirmed by the sport. The women's final was played around one in the afternoon. Boselli and Medina reached the final encounter without too much trouble and eager to repeat the title of 2015, but the couple Sussarello-Zandarin was much higher and the game was a walk. The final score was 6-0 6-0. Finally, there is only express sincere thanks to all the players for their kindness and dedication, and of course, the entire organization, especially Marco Massirio ASD pulp of Torino for the treatment offered this weekend and give congratulations on the success of the Turin Open.