From 9th to 12th November, the penultimate stop of the International Padel Experience by Madison in Senegal was celebrated, a country in which the padel is opening timidly, but with great expectations of growth, given the acceptance among residents and tourists of Saly.

During 4 days, 40 local players, but also coming from Spain, France, Lebanon, Slovenia and Benin were scheduled to compete in the highest categories of the circuit and thus opt for a place in the final Master of Fuengirola.

A new country and a new continent welcomed the International Padel Experience by Madison. The courts of the Padel Saly Club, in Senegal, hosted a tournament with great appeal for the novelty of the environment.

Its white beaches, its tourist areas and incredible facilities and its coastal towns, plus the possibility of knowing the heart of the country through its people and excursions to the heart of the country.

A paradisiacal environment that enamors who visits it and allowed to know a unique place to the participants of the tournament.

Discover with the summary of the official TV of the circuit, Padel Television, everything that happened during the event: