We are already finishing the first fortnight of the year and these days we have begun to try to fulfill the purposes that we did for these 365 days, including those related to healthy eating.

But do we know how to feed ourselves correctly?

In the first place, it will be important that we become aware of what we eat, reading the nutritional information, avoiding that we get unhealthy ingredients in food that can seem good for us.

It is not as important to focus on the number of daily intakes as on the quality of them.

In addition, not all calories are of the same quality: for example, we can achieve the same calories with industrial pastries as with a good fish baked with vegetables and a piece of fruit. The calories may be the same, but nutritionally we will provide many more vitamins and minerals the second option.

Therefore, beyond thinking about diets and restrictions that make us lose our will power by going hungry, the ideal is to change our habits and include fresh and healthy food on our table.

See you soon, padel lovers!