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Rotterdam IPE2017


Schedules: Male A | Male B | Female | Mixed





Padel Victoria Club This club was founded in 2016 and currently has three paddle tennis courts.

  • Logo Padel Victoria


Kralingseweg 226, 3062 CG Rotterdam

+31 10 242 4425


Category Man A Category Women A Category Man B Category Women B Category C
Champion Racket K3 Racket K3 Women Racket K2 Evo Racket Kata Light 15 Racket BP10 EVO16
130,00€ 125,00€ 100,00€ 100,00€ 90,00€
pala_K3_MEN pala_K3_WOMAN pala_K2_EVO_MEN pala_KATA_LIGHT_WOMAN pala_BP10_EVO16
Subchampion Paletero BBP Bag BMP Bag BPB Dressing case BMP
50,00€ 42,50€ 30,00€ 12,00€
paleteros_2017 BAG BPM- CAT B BAG BPM- CAT B Dressing case_2017

*In addition to male and female champions category A will also receive the following prizes:

  • 2 tickets for the Estrella Damm Master Finals
  • 2 nights hotel for the last tournament of the year


Male A Puntuaction Male B Puntuaction
Champion Díaz - Álvarez 950 Galea - Muller 790
Runner-up Gorka - Sredniawa 900 Bouritius - Moerman 740
Semifinalists Bertuccini - Giardi Pedro - Fernando 850 Hahn - Vernier Goessens - Berkhoudt 710
Female A Puntuaction
Champions Martin - Inaraja 950
Runner-up Pronk - Ossterzee 900
Semifinalists Van Hemert - Van Schaick 850




Our travel pack

ROTTERDAM: 25th-27th AUGUST Flight to Amsterdam from Madrid + Accommodation in Rotterdam from 260 €/pax. Ask us and we organize your trip to measure For reservations and consultation

Enjoy between the breaks of the tournament for tourism

RotterdamThe International Padel Experience by Madison stops in the Netherlands where will celebrate the eleventh round of the circuit in the town of Rotterdam.Rotterdam is a city that combines tradition and modernity, in a perfect mix that give a great offer of leisure and free time to visitors. This port city stands out for its exceptional architecture and the large number of cultural proposals offered in its streets. Markthal This market offers a wide variety of food and fresh produts, as well restaurants and flower and plant shops. An authentic experience for lovers of fine cuisine Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen With works of high level artists; including Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet or Kandiski; this museum is the largest in the city and hosts works from all ages, from the Middle Age to the present, making it an inescapable event for anyone visiting Rotterdam. Kunsthal One of the icons of modern architecture, this museum welcomes in its interior an endless number of temporary exhibitions in its seven spaces, the visitor is guided through its inclined and spiral floor. Museumpark This park, which is a natural refuge that connects the various museums of the city, is art in itself, thanks to the large number of sculptures and architectural works. Cubic houses One of the most emblematic spaces of the city. These buildings remain unique even 30 years after their construction. Located in the city center, next to the Rotterdam Blaak station, the houses are 45-degree inclined cubes that form a pedestrian bridge which even includes a children's park.

Where to eat SS Rotterdam Steam Boat Starting with a dinner in one of its 6 restaurants and ending up drinking a cocktail in the aft deck pool of a luxury cruise is now possible thanks to the proposal of this exclusive steamboat. A unique experience for the senses! Het Nieuwe Café Located opposite the Museumpark, this Italian-style restaurant is the ideal place for visitors to any of the city's museums.   Zinc Located in the heart of Rotterdam, this restaurant has the character of French cuisine. This restaurant does not require a la carte and every day offers a different culinary proposal for the visitor.

Transporte The best way to get to Club Padel Victoria is by subway to Kralingse Zoom station and then walking 900m. Once you exit the subway station head southwest on Lichtenauerlaan towards' s-Gravenweg. Then walk 100m by 's-Gravenweg and turn right onto Kralingse Zoom and continue 600m. Finally, turn right towards Kralingseweg and at 300m you will find the Padel Victoria Club.

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