Getxo, a natural paradise in the Basque coast

The Bilbao Open has started and Getxo is holding for the first time the International Padel Experience by Madison. This location in the region of Vizcaya has opened its doors to the circuit for the first time in history, joining the long list of wonderful places that do not want to miss the best international padel amateur competition.The Jolaseta club is hosting a great number of matches from June 13th to […]

El Norte de Castilla Valladolid Open is ready in Las Norias

Once again, the city of Valladolid consolidates its role as the World’s Capital of Padel. The Spanish location continues to be an ambassador for the expansion of this sport, consolidating its presence in the region.Just a few hours until the launch of the International Padel Experience by Madison at this second venue, the Castilian capital will witness again from June 10th to 13th the one and only international padel amateur […]

Check out the wonders of Valladolid, World’s Capital of Pádel

Once again, the International Padel Experience by Madison lands in Valladolid. The city that is considered the Padel’s Capital of the World has everything set for players and the public to enjoy the good atmosphere and the best padel amateur from June 9th to 13th.Las Norias club, which belongs to the Valladolid Municipal Sports Foundation and is managed by the Castilla y León Padel Federation, will host the second venue […]

Registrations for the Bilbao Open are ready

The preparation for the next stop of the International Padel Experience by Madison is almost ready. Getxo will be the focus of attention, for the first time, in the best international padel amateur from June 13th to 20th.All the participants and the public who attent the event will be able to enjoy this amazing sport for eight days in a row, in a third round of the one and only […]