Great closing of the first edition of the San Marino Open

The tracks of the Wonderbay Club hosted the International Padel Experience for the first time. The tournament generated great excitement among the inhabitants of San Marino, who enjoyed a great weekend of paddle and coexistence with the participants.With regard to the sporting theme, the big winners of the event were Gianluca Berardi and Matteo Bartolini, champions in the men’s category A and Valentina Piccolo and Silvia Flamigni. Both couples get […]

San Marino enjoys its first IPE

San Marino, one of the microstates of Europe, is enjoying this weekend the best international amateur paddle circuit. For the first time, this circuit and the appointment is not disappointing.Many Italian couples have come to San Marino to enjoy the tournament, in addition, the tournament is creating great excitement among the inhabitants of the country, who are approaching en masse to the tracks of the Wonderbay Club to witness the […]

Víctor Bassols: “We are going to fight to win the Elvas Final Master”

The fifth season of the International Padel Experience by Madison took place in Andorra, which participates in the circuit for the third consecutive year. The Principality, one of the smallest countries in Europe, lived a great weekend of paddle that did not disappoint the players and the audience. We chatted with Víctor Bassols, the young player who was part of the couple who came out champion with Enzo Guigni in […]

San Marino pádel

San Marino, an idyllic enclave surrounded by Italian territory

The Serenissima Reppublica di San Marino is the oldest sovereign state in the world. It is one of the several microstates in Europe, specifically the third smallest, behind Vatican City and Monaco. Account with a population of 33,000 inhabitants approximately framed in little more than 60 square kilometers.The culture of San Marino, due to its situation, is very similar to that of Italy and even more so to that of […]

Point and final to Andorra Open

The courts of the Padel Serradells hosted a day of infarction during the morning of Sunday at the Andorra Open. From 9 in the morning all the finals were played in all the categories, so the first hours of Sunday did not disappoint in Andorra. In addition, the day was accompanied by a good number of fans who went through the facilities to enjoy the show.The big winners of the […]

Paddle marathon at the Andorra Open

The Pádel Serradells Club opened its doors yesterday at 9 a.m., so that matches of all the rounds at the Andorra Open will begin. The day was extended beyond 12 hours and today are the highlights of the tournament: the finals of all categories.The big winners of the day yesterday were the finalists of the men’s category A: Víctor Bassols and Enzo Giugni on the one hand and in front […]

Great appetizer on the first day of the Andorra Open

Yesterday began the Andorra Open, fifth chapter of the International Padel Experience by Madison. The day served as an appetizer for the great show that will take place on Saturday and Sunday.At 20:00 hours the first games of all categories began to be played. During two hours the assistants could enjoy the paddle in the tracks of the Club Serradells. Starting today, paddle marathon from 9 o’clock in the morning […]

Green light for the start of Andorra Open

The fifth stop of the Andorra Open is just a few hours of starting engines and begin to taste a weekend of paddle and coexistence in the Principality.52 registered couples, of which 5 will go for the women’s draw A and 8 for the men’s draw A, the winners of these two categories, will get a ticket for the Elvas Final Master contest, where all the champions of each venue […]

(Español) El IPE by Madison, un gran torneo en el Principado

The Andorra Open will start today on the slopes of Pádel Serradells. The Principality of Andorra is an idyllic enclave to dispute the tournament, so the mixture of paddle and tourism in the small country will not leave anyone indifferent. We talked with Eduard Magrynia, club manager where the competition will take place and he told us his perspective on the paddle in Andorra, his club, past, present, future …How […]

Registration of Andorra Open registrations

At the end of the day today, the inscriptions for the fifth round of the International Padel Experience by Madison have been closed, which will be held in Andorra from May 11 to 13 on the slopes of the “Padel Serradells”, the club where the tournament will take place. The inscriptions have been closed with a total of 52 registered couples, of which 5 will go to the female table […]


Andorra: 90% of green area

The Principality of Andorra is one of the small countries that are part of Europe. 468 sq km in full Pyrenees and almost 80,000 inhabitants are a sample of how tiny this country is, bordering European giants such as Spain and France.Few places in the world can boast of having 90% of nature, it is the true green paradise of Europe. 3 natural parks, some 70 lakes and 65 peaks […]

The Dublin Open closes the curtain after a great show

The tracks of the Bushy Park Padel and Tennis Club hosted the big day of the Dublin Open. During the day the semifinals and finals of the main categories of the tournament would be played and the day did not disappoint, in addition, the tracks presented a great atmosphere throughout the weekend, helped by the good weather that Dublin visited during this week.Early in the morning the day started, where […]