Zurich reigns in Switzerland

The International Padel Experience by Madison will travel to Switzerland for the first time in 2018 and will travel to Zurich, one of the country’s main cities. If you want to enjoy a special city and add the experience to a great padel tournament, from June 29 to July 1, Zurich is your city.With more than 400,000 inhabitants in the municipality and more than 1,000,000 in its metropolitan area, it […]

Registrations open until the Rotterdam Open

The 2018 season began in March with the Bilbao Open, 3 months later, the International Padel Experience by Madison has already visited 9 different venues in a total of 6 different countries. Many are the players who have played the tournament and many more who are missing to play it. The inscriptions are already open for the next 6 venues that will tour 4 sites that this campaign has not […]

End of the function at the Turin Open

He concluded the last day of the Turin Open and with him the last paddle marathon of an exciting week of sport and conviction in the two clubs where the tournament was held: the Master Club 2.0 and the Royal Club Torino. On the last day of the tournament, the semifinals and finals of the three categories were played and the matches did not disappoint. There was a great level […]

Turin smiles with the visit of the IPE by Madison

The International Padel Experience by Madison traveled to Italy for the third time so far this 2018 campaign. All week long, tournament matches have been played but starting today, the quarterfinal matches of all categories have taken place and the morning will be the semifinals and finals in all categories.During the whole day the sun visited the northern Italian city and all the players and assistants could enjoy a great […]

Closing of registrations in the Turin Open

After the closing of registrations for the next Turin Open, the best international circuit of amateur padel will travel to the north of Italy to delight the turinese padel fans. The appointment has had a great reception on the part of the players and there will be 73 couples that dispute the tournament from June 15, being one of the episodes with more influx of the campaign.The distribution by categories […]

Silvia Gómez: “The World Padel Tour of Valladolid is a gift that we will enjoy to the fullest”

When the final in the women’s category A of the past El Norte de Castilla Valladolid Open was known, all the fans that went through the Racket Club were expecting to see a great match of padel between two very equal pairs. The final was taken Eva Díez and Silvia Gomez in a final of infarction resolved by a double 6-3. After knowing champion, we had a conversation with Silvia […]

The promise of Marco Massirio

Marco Massirio, manager of the Pulpadel Club, where the next International Padel Experience by Madison will take place, had a dream when he visited Spain in 2014: set up a paddle tennis club in his city, Turin. 4 years later you can say that this dream was fulfilled and this week the best international circuit of amateur paddleball will go for the fourth consecutive year to its tracks. We talked […]

Italy would not be what it is today without Turin

Turin, important cultural and business center within Italy, is the capital of the Piamonte region and is protected by the majesty of the Alps. It has 2,200,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area and through its streets you can find numerous art museums, churches, restaurants, palaces, opera houses, squares, parks, gardens or libraries.It is one of the most industrialized cities of the Italian peninsula, forming together with Milan and Genoa the […]

Jero Cañas and Edu Espona, Dublin Open Champions

We interviewed the champions in the men’s category A of the Dublin Open, who obtained the ticket for the Elvas Final Master. Jero and Edu are two regulars in the International Padel Experience, playing tournaments in more than one venue and for several years in a row. After his success, we talked with them about the circuit, their sensations, their future goals and above all, a lot of paddle.

Paquito Navarro joins the International Padel Experience by Madison

Paquito Navarro, number 5 in the world ranking of World Padel Tour and first scoop nationwide, sent a message of support to the International Padel Experience by Madison. The backhand player encourages everyone to sign up for each of the different venues that have the best international amateur paddle circuit.The Sevillian is not going to lose it, and you?