San Marino enjoys its first IPE

San Marino, one of the microstates of Europe, is enjoying this weekend the best international amateur paddle circuit. For the first time, this circuit and the appointment is not disappointing.Many Italian couples have come to San Marino to enjoy the tournament, in addition, the tournament is creating great excitement among the inhabitants of the country, who are approaching en masse to the tracks of the Wonderbay Club to witness the […]

San Marino pádel

San Marino, an idyllic enclave surrounded by Italian territory

The Serenissima Reppublica di San Marino is the oldest sovereign state in the world. It is one of the several microstates in Europe, specifically the third smallest, behind Vatican City and Monaco. Account with a population of 33,000 inhabitants approximately framed in little more than 60 square kilometers.The culture of San Marino, due to its situation, is very similar to that of Italy and even more so to that of […]