A top calendar for the tenth anniversary

The tenth season of the International Padel Experience By Madison is ready. The tournament, consolidated as the one and only international amateur padel circuit ones more, counts the days to kick off a new calendar with more than 30 venues and 18 countries.The circuit will start with a double appointment, from May 28th to 30th, in Beziers, which repeats as venue in the Beziers Padel Club, and in the newcomer P90 Sport […]

The tradition continues in the capital of the Piedmont.

The new calendar of the International Padel Experience by Madison on its tenth tour is about to be revealed and we would like to continue remembering the great moments lived in all the venues that have hosted the tournament in what we called ‘the miracle year’. Today we make an interactive travel to one of the most traditional stops, the capital of the Piedmont region, Torino.On September 18th, more than […]

9 tips for padel begginers

It has never been easy start something from zero and if you do not know the way, even worst. Beginner padel players must process a lot of new information at first. That feeling of playing your first matches and winning is amazing, but if you have the guidelines to know how, it is even better. Here are 9 tips for padel beginners: Do not miss the warm-up. This sport requires high […]

The 5 major benefits of playing padel

The padel has become the trendy sport. Not only due to the exponential growth that it has developed throughout the international scene, but currently more members want to be part of this community. Proof of this is the International Padel Experience by Madison, a clear example of development from its inception to the present, breaking records year after year.The rise of this sport is not a coincidence, as it brings […]