Alfonso Patacho: “I am very happy to see this great circuit improve every year more”

Alfonso Patacho has been playing the International Padel Experience for two seasons. With his inseparable partner, the former footballer, Mario Barceló, has won two titles in Athens.First of all, how are you? How are you living the theme of the pandemic?I am very well, thank you. I am in Spain at the moment, as I had to come back from Leicester to spend quarantine with my family. Thankfully, I came […]

Lipinski Mateusz “I want to come back earlier and play this June in Poland”

Lipiński Mateusz played the first International Padel Experience in history in Warsaw. He won with his friend Maszczyk Marcin and got the ranking for the Master Final in Valladolid. Today he tells us how the coronavirus pandemic is being experienced in Warsaw.First of all, how are you?I´m find, can´t wait to be back on the court. The pandemic issue it´s tough, because now here everything is closed, so is better […]

Mar Padel: “IPE started soon working on the reorganization of the calendar”

First of all, how are you?We are all well, protected and in a quarantine. We started with a voluntary quarantine that later evolved into a mandatory quarantine decreed by the country. We hope you are well too.How are you living the pandemic issue?Like most people, we are living with great concern because these are times of great uncertainty as we do not know how long it will take for the […]