The International Padel Experience by Madison stills growing and adds a new appoinment to the calendar thanks to the Saly Open, in Senegal. With this new tournament there will be 20 headquaters for the circuit, that each year has a greater number of followers willing to wield the racket and beat their opponents between the four walls of the track. Senegal will host, for the first time, the last Open […]

Padua is getting ready to recieve the International Padel Experience by Madison

Following the success of the Zurich Open, the International Padel Experience collects the items to be moved to northern Italy, specifically to the city of Padua, which will host the torunament  from July 14 to 16 on the ninth round of the circuit, the Padua Open. The club in charge of hosting the tournament is the club Padel Isolaverde. It is located in a green oasis in which to relax […]

Inscriptions closed for the El Norte de Castilla Valladolid Open

The International Padel Experience by Madison is packing after the incredible Andorra Open and is moving to Spain to celebrate the 6th test of the season, El Norte de Castilla Valladolid Open that will be from the 7th to the 10th of June at Club Raqueta Valladolid. As in previous tournaments, we will enjoy a spectacular padel test during 3 days. There are only 2 days for the beginning of […]

Sweden Open official tables available!

The International Padel experience arrives this friday to Padel of Sweden to begin the fourth  tournament of the tour 2017. The city is prepared for the paddle party and players, after seeing their matches on the game tables available in the following link, face with ilusion a tournament have received a great encouragement in the club, with more than 50 couples inscribed. Some of them are spanish and they have […]

The Dublin Open starts with 80 participating couples

 The International Padel Experience by Madison has already begun at the Rockbrook Padel Club, which suppose the second tournament of the circuit 2017 with 80 pair participating. The engines of the Dublin Open are already underway and the balls have started to bounce, yesterday with the kids category and tomorrow with the male and female starting at 9 am. A great expectation in a tournament that represents a unique experience […]