IPE by Madison changes dates on its March, April and May tournaments

The International Padel Experience by Madison have reorganized and adapted its 2020 calendar. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the circuit and the host clubs have decided to transfer the dates of the tournaments scheduled for March, April and May.The calendar has been reorganized as follows:Warsaw: June 26-28Vicenza: June 26-28Coimbra: July 10-12Antwerp: July 24-26Rijswijk: August 21-23Dublin: 4-6 SeptemberSicily: September 10-13Porto: September 11-13Malta: September 18-20Athens: September 24-27Granada: 2-4 OctoberAndorra: October 16-18Lisbon: November […]

Registration open for all International Padel Experience sites

The International Padel Experience by Madison is ready for the big kick-off. The calendar of the season has already been unveiled and the different venues are preparing to host the world’s leading amateur padel championship. Ahead we have a year with many trips, excitement and fun accompanying the sport of the shovel in its continuous expansion.Registrations for the thirty-one venues are now open and await the first participants. As in […]

The International Padel Experience by Madison will visit 20 countries and 4 continents in its 31 2019 tournaments

The International Padel Experience by Madison is ready to start the season. The only international circuit of amateur paddle that exists discounts the days to give the big kick-off. The IPE continues with its exponential growth and has already presented its roadmap for 2019 with 31 locations and presence in more than 20 countries and 4 continents. The calendar of the season presents great novelties for a course full of […]

Helios Village project, italian paddle quarry

We continue to discover the headquarters of the International Padel Experience Madison adidas sponsored by Estrella Damm. This time touches get into the Italian capital, next stop the world’s largest amateur circuit. On the way Ostense is the Helios Village, a tennis school with only 5 years old but has already managed to become part of the IPE adidas by Madison. Directed by four masters of racket sports, participation in […]

The IPE lands in Birmingham with the best amateur paddle

More than a month after the last tournament in Amsterdam, the International Padel Experience returns to further promote the most addictive sport worldwide. The sixth stop of 2015 moved the best amateur circuit in the world to the UK, where the paddle continues to grow rapidly. With Birmingham as the prestigious stage and paddle courts Nation as enclave chosen to dispute the tournament becomes the circuit has best interpreted the […]

Inside Padel Nation, home of adidas Birmingham open

Padel Nation will host the next tournament which will host the International Padel Experience adidas by Madison. The only indoor ski center with UK far from the capital is established as an unbeatable for the sixth round of the best amateur circuit in the world of paddle enclave. In addition to the facilities of one of the most innovative sports halls of the British Isles, discovers his conception of sport. […]

New prizes for the adidas Birmingham open winners

Birmingham has been chosen for the tournament brand new prizes provided by Adidas, sponsor of the IPE brand adidas by Madison, champions and runners-up will receive adidas Birmingham, exclusively, new sports equipment unprecedented in the world’s largest amateur circuit. Precision Power Shovel training, valued at 100 euros, provides the intermediate players perfect balance of power and control. It is designed for those players who like to keep the pace of the […]


One month left for the adidas Lisboa open

Lisbon is the city that will succeed in the circuit Birmingham International Padel Experience. The Portuguese capital will host the seventh tournament of 2015 between 25 and 27 September. Only a week after the open of Birmingham, the IPE Madison adidas sponsored by Estrella Damm will travel to Portugal to continue, with little rest, with the world’s largest amateur circuit. The facilities selected for hosting the tournament will be the […]

6 practical advices for playing paddle in summer

From the IPE adidas by Madison we also care about your health. Therefore, we give you six tips so you can enjoy the most addictive sport during the hottest season of the year: Do not play during certain hours. Between 12 noon and 19 is more tightened when and where the sun is best is by the pool or on the beach, so, unless you enjoy a good indoor, do […]