The Palencia Open has its champions

The International Padel Experience by Madison conclude its first tournament in which the main protagonist has been the high-level of the participants. The club P90sport in Palencia host the best padel amateur where 186 couples played more than 300 matches, breaking the participation record in a first national event of the season.Sunday’s journey saw the outcome of nine days of high-level padel with their semifinal matches played in the morning […]

Adidas IPE prizes (II): Power Precision Training racket

Today we look at another of the awards to eligible participants by adidas International Padel Experience Madison, provided by the sports brand. Precision Training Power shovel is ideal for players seeking balance. Designed for intermediate level, ensuring harmony between game control and power in the beating, and its main Pala Training 100x150destino the players are beating the essence of control. Its shape and good balance provide a stability that makes […]

Discover the adidas prizes IPE ( I) : Evo Tour 2.0 racket

With tournaments Lisbon to Birmingham and around the corner from the IPE will present the awards for the brand adidas champions and runners-up will receive the world’s largest amateur circuit. Today accurately we analyze power racket Tour Evo 2.0 sports brand, valued at 185 euros, designed especially for patients attackers. Its design and good balance, carbon fiber and glass, allow greater control of the scrimmage for power at the same time […]