Alfonso Patacho: “I am very happy to see this great circuit improve every year more”

Alfonso Patacho has been playing the International Padel Experience for two seasons. With his inseparable partner, the former footballer, Mario Barceló, has won two titles in Athens.First of all, how are you? How are you living the theme of the pandemic?I am very well, thank you. I am in Spain at the moment, as I had to come back from Leicester to spend quarantine with my family. Thankfully, I came […]

Alfonso Patacho, winner of the Athens Open

We interviewed Alfonso Patacho, the Extremaduran who traveled to Athens to be the champion of the first Athens Open of the International Padel Experience circuit by Madison. The young Spanish player explains how his tournament was in the Greek capital and what led him to move to Athens to dispute it. What do you like most about the IPE by Madison?I really liked the people who came to see the tournament, […]

Alfonso Patacho conquers Athens

The International Padel Experience By Madison: Athens Open had its closing day on Monday in a day full of padel in which a Spanish was the great protagonist. During this last day some of the semifinals postponed by the rain as well as the great end of each category took place. Some hard duels that ended with the awards ceremony and a great celebration on behalf of Estrella Damm.In the […]