Eduard Magrinyà: “We are honored to host the Andorra Open for the second consecutive year”

The International Padel Experience by Madison, sponsored by Estrella Damm, will make its fifth stop from 26 to 28 of May at Padel Serradels in Andorra. Eduard Magrinyà, owner of Padel Serradels, analyzes the situation of the paddle in Andorra and  what suppose the arrival of the International Padel Experience by Madison. Question: What services and facilities do you offer to your users in the club? Answer: We offer 5 paddle courts, 4 of them inside a balloon with more than 20 meters of height and 1 covered paddle court outside. We also have the only clay tennis court in Andorra. Q: How many fans come to the club to play paddle? A: We estimate that there are more than 250 players per month. Q: What profile do paddle players have in Andorra? A: The profile is usually men from 26 to 58 years and women from 25 to 55. Q: How is the paddle evolving in Andorra? A: Currently, paddle tennis in Andorra is growing extremely large, we have many courts for a few players but we hope that with the entry of the International Padel Experience by Madison, more people will be encouraged to try and play paddle. Q: What was the arrival of the IPE by Madison to the city and the clubs? A: A quality tournament bet with an exceptional organization that honors us for the second consecutive year has given us the organization of the event in our facilities. Q: Is the Andorra Open generating excitement? A: A lot, this year in addition to Andorra couples we will also have couples coming from Spain and a couple from Egypt Q: What are the goals of the club in the future? A: Our goal is to grow day by day and that our clients feel in our club as at home, we want to be a proximity club and we always to get it.