Although padel is a very complete sport in which the whole body is worked, it is the lower train that "suffers" a large part of the effort.

The jumps, changes of direction, stops... these movements make knee injuries are among the most frequent among those who practice this sport.

There are many factors that can cause a knee injury, but from the International Padel Experience by Madison we want to highlight some of the most common:

Inadequate footwear: as in every sport, in padel is very important to have good shoes that protect us during sports. In many cases, a good shoe will become our best ally when it comes to avoiding knee problems.

Lack of heating and stretching: Whenever we talk about injuries we insist on this aspect. Dedicating adequate time to warm up exercises that prepare our body for the effort that will be made and perform an adequate stretch to help us recover after exercise is essential to avoid unwanted injuries.

Make overexertions: we have to be aware of our personal situation at all times and not perform exercises or activities at a level that is not appropriate for us, as this will be able to overload the area and force it to cause an injury.

In addition, we must pay attention to those individual characteristics that may cause problems in the knee (alignment, bad footprint ...).

The most obvious symptom of a possible knee injury is the appearance of pain in the area. Therefore, in the event of a discomfort in the knee, the best response will be to stop the activity and, if the discomfort persists over time or reappears when resuming physical exercise, it is best to consult a specialist who diagnoses the degree of the injury.