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Padel Riviera Mougins is at 15 minutes of Cannes, is the first club in France in a roof of a commercial center. We have 3 courts and a area for Children, looker with shower, restaurant with terras and Shop.
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Padel riviera mougins 762 avenue de tournamy 06250 mougins


Category Man A Category Women A Category Man B Category Women B Category C
Champion Racket K3 Racket K3 Women Racket K2 Evo Racket Kata Light 15 Racket BP10 EVO16
130,00€ 125,00€ 100,00€ 100,00€ 90,00€
pala_K3_MEN pala_K3_WOMAN pala_K2_EVO_MEN pala_KATA_LIGHT_WOMAN pala_BP10_EVO16
Subchampion Paletero BBP Bag BMP Bag BPB Dressing case BMP
50,00€ 42,50€ 30,00€ 12,00€
paleteros_2017 BAG BPM- CAT B BAG BPM- CAT B Dressing case_2017

*In addition to male and female champions category A will also receive the following prizes:

  • 2 tickets for the Estrella Damm Master Finals
  • 2 nights hotel for the last tournament of the year


Male A Puntuaction
Champion Ritz - Scatena 950
Runner-up Gauthier - Henryot 900
Semifinalists Corbelli - Bensadoun Groll - García 850
Female A Puntuaction
Champions Clergue - Casanova 950
Runner-up Clement - Pironneau 900
Semifinalists Pibis - Alquier Riviere - Majdoubi 850



Our travel pack

FRANCE: 18th-20th AUGUST Flight to Nice from Madrid + Accommodation in Cannes from 475 €/pax.</ Strong> Ask us and we organize your trip to measure For reservations and consultation

Enjoy between the breaks of the tournament for tourism

France The next stop of the International Padel Experience by Madison takes us to Mougins, located in the south-east of France. So that you do not miss anything of your stay and enjoy to the maximum of your experience in the France Open, we have selected the unmissable plans:Mougins is located on hills, this beautiful town where the Padel Rivera Club is located offers wonderful views of Cannes, the Valmasque forest and the Prealpes. Its charm and its medieval streets have favored that it is the favorite destination of numerous celebrities and artists like Yves Saint Laurent, Edith Piaf, Christian Dior or Pablo Picasso.The Museum of Ancient Art will delight the fans of art and history. This museum houses a large collection, with more than 800 pieces that transport us throughout the ancient culture, from Ancient Egypt to the present day. In addition you can contemplate works by numerous artists such as Picasso, Warhol or Dalí. For more information you can visit his official website: hereParc Etang de Fontmerle is a beautiful park that houses the largest lotus pond in Europe, you can not see the water of the pond thanks to the lot of lotus flowers that live in it. Summer is the best season to visit this pond, as it is when this species blooms. The city of Cannes is only 15 minutes from Mougins and is the tourist center of the French Riviera. Its marvelous beaches, its multiple bets for leisure and its unbeatable climate make it an unforgettable destination to visit.

Where to eat La place de mougins It is located just 1,5 km from the club. It is a fantastic gourmet restaurant by a two-Michelin-star chef. If you want to enjoy great dishes, this is your restaurant. Prices are between 35 and 70 euros. L’Amandier It is 1,5 km from the club. It has great views that make you stay. The food is well presented and prepared and it has an exceptional and friendly service. Even the chef comes to your table at the end of the meal to present himself. The price is between 24 and 45€

Transport Take A8 from Butte de Saint-Cassien and Avenue de Saint-Exupéry, head southwest on Butte de Saint-Cassien, turn left to continue on Butte de Saint-Cassien. Turn left to Butte de Saint-Cassien, turn left again towards Butte de Saint-Cassien, turn left again towards Butte de Saint-Cassien, turn right towards Butte de Saint-Cassien and continue on Butte de Saint-Cassien. Turn right to continue on Butte de Saint-Cassien. At the roundabout, take the second exit towards Avenue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry / Avenue de Saint-Exupéry / D6007 and continue in that direction. At Rond-Point des Tourrades, take the second exit to Avenue de Saint-Exupéry / D6207 and at the next roundabout, take the second exit. Take the A8 branch on the left towards Aix-en-Provence / Nice. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A8 / Nic Merge to A8, take exit 42-Mougins towards Mougins / Grasse / Mouans-Sartoux. At Rond-Point de la Liberation, take the second exit and merge onto D6185 towards Grasse / Mougins / Sophia-Antipolis / Valbonne / Mouans-Sartoux, take the exit towards Mougins-Saint-Martin / Mougins-Pibonsone and turn to A8. Merge to Avenue Saint-Martin / Route Napoléon and at the roundabout, take the fourth exit and continue onto Avenue Saint-Martin / Route Napoléon. At Rond-Point de Tournamy, take the third exit to Avenue de Tournamy / Place du Marché Neuf

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