More than 600 players enjoy of the padel in Siracusa


Padel continues its exponential growth in Italy. The transalpine country every time has more followers who approach the courts to performance their game and enjoy the fashion sport in Spain. The next date of the International Padel Experience by Madison will be in Siracusa, a mediterranean city that has a padel club, run by Fabio Scarselli, that has with a comunity of participants near the 600 persons, without doubt a  figure that shows the upward trajectory that describes the padel in the italian location.

The manager of the transalpine club, Fabio Scarselli, awaits with impatient the comeback of the IPE by Madison to his courts and before welcome the circuit reviews some of the key points of development of the padel in his city.

How is the evolution of your club since birth from today?

The padel's evolution of my club is so exponential. Actually in my club the habitual's players are 200 and the ramdom's players are 600.

How is the evolution of the padel in the country?

As to as in Italy, like in Sicily, my country, the evolution is hard. Is the same in my town, Siracusa.

How do you work to expand padel in your city?

I try to open the culture of padel to all the palyers in the city, with amateur and professional courses held by spanish coach for example Dante Luchetti. 

Why did you decide to join the International Padel Experience by Madison?

Because I kwown the International Padel Experience by Madison from Dante Luchetti and I decide to start this tournament for the secound consecutive year.

What do you like most about this circuit?

In my opinion the organization of The International Padel Experience is very accurate , in particoular the social development using promotional videos. Additionally is an excellent form of intercultural exchange using the Padel tourism.

Is the Vicenza Open generating excitement?

Yes, The Vicenza Open has genereting a lot of interesting and curiosity.

What future plans do you have for your club?

I'm planning to build a fourth cover court that allows as to continue growing and promotion the padel in the country.