Fabio Scarselli: “The Sicilia Open will be a success”

The padel Sun Club and the Ortigia Padel Club will be host of the third tournament of the International Padel Experience by Madison in Sicily, from 12 to 14 of May. The great expectation and the good welcome have led to the joining of two new venues to the circuit over last year, Sicily and Padua. Fabio Scarselli, manager of the two clubs where the International Padel Experience by Madison will stop, reveals the paddle tennis keys in the Italian town and what is for the facilities the arrival of the only international amateur paddle circuit that exists. Question: ¿Which services and facilities are offered to the club members? Answer: At the Padel Sun Club we have a wide variety of sport services, we have 3 paddle corts, 3 tennis courts, 3 football pitches, a swimming pool (25x12m), a kid swimming pool, a fitness room, an events room and a bar where members can reenergize after physical efforts. The Ortigia Padel is located inside the “Sport city”, the largest center of Siracusa. It has 2 paddle courts, an olimpic swimming pool in which are organized swimming and waterpol competitions, a kid swimming pool, a skating ring, a football pitch and two basket and volley fields. In addition, there is a to play handball, indoor football, volleyball or dance.   Q: ¿How many fans go to the club to play paddle? A: Currently the aprox. number of paddle fans is 200 players. We have to take into account we opened Ortigia Padel Club 1 year ago and Padel Sun Club January of this year. There are around 500 fans in total in Siracusa.   Q: What profile do paddle players have in Sicily? A: About 80% is composed of amateur players and the age range is between 5 and 74 years old with a medium level and the remaining 5% are high level players.   Q: What has the inclusion of the paddle contributed to the club? A: At Ortigia Padel Club, after a year of experience, we have raised the number of members, but I cannot assure how the paddle offer has contributed to that movement. At Padel Sun Club, after a month and half, I don’t dare to give an opinion about that, but we are confident it will be successful.   Q: What does the arrival of IPE by Madison suppose to city and the clubs? R: I think It can provide a lot of publicity and it is a tourist attraction to publish the city and the clubs, above all the Padel Sun Club that is at the beginning. I also hope that at least 30 players from different cities and nationalities come.   Q: Is the Sicily Open generating excitement? A: As I know about the history and the experience of the International Padel Experience by Madison, It will success