For many of us, the time to return to the routine after a well-deserved rest during the Christmas holidays has come.

For weeks we have enjoyed copious lunches and dinners with family or friends and, in a large number of cases, we have also reduced our sports activity so the return to routine will be complicated during the first days in which we have to readjust to our body to normality that we have left aside for a few weeks.

There are many personal casuistry and the particular needs of each one. However, there are certain guidelines that we can all follow so that this return to our day-to-day habits is easier to achieve.

In addition, we can take advantage of the moment to improve what we know we do not do well, in order to improve our health.

Therefore, in the face of these first days these tips can help us:

The daily work is what will get you to achieve those goals that you propose. In order not to lose the desire and to create a habit, it will be necessary for you to mark timetables that you can really fulfill, since if you start to fail those specific excuses will become weighty reasons that will prevent you from achieving your goals.

Remember that the average time to make a voluntary act a habit is 21 consecutive days.

In addition, food will also play a key role when it comes to seeing results. There is a saying in the world of sports that says that results are created in the kitchen. Therefore, do not hesitate to take care of your diet, which will also be a great ally to achieve your goals: if you are not clear on how to make an adequate diet for your characteristics consult a specialist who will advise you on what is best for you at all times.

Finally, remember to mark your goals realistically. If you intend, for example, to lose 10kg in a week or improve your speed in 1 minute when running in an inappropriate period of time you will lose your motivation even if you are improving.

Remember, it is the perfect time to improve our habits and recover our healthy routines.

See you soon, padel lovers!