Romero-Pérez y King-Deigman, adidas London Open champions


Yeray Perez and Jorge Moreno, in the men, and Laura King-Deigman Jemima in the women's competition, shiny adidas champions London Open, the penultimate stop of International Paddle Challenge by Madison proclaimed, defeating John Leach-Matt Every and Gemma Sgariglia-Laurence Manessian respectively. Players competed in London Dubai, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the UK.
The tournament took the curtain at the prestigious David Lloyd Club Chigwell with a new exciting day in which the favorite in both categories set foot ashore before the epilogue. Couples who departed with the band being the number one seeded buried their options in a vibrant semifinals, where aspiring heroes wore to cause an upset and sneak into the finals of the London tournament, scoring for the British Paddle Tour.
The first to bite the dust in the penultimate round were Mauricio Andrini and Francis Langan. The British number one ranking could not break the strength of the Spaniards, Yeray Perez and Jorge Romero. With a lively and aggressive game, Almeria and the Canary, cornered opponents from the start. Pérez and Romero jumped the track with the knife between his teeth and warned the favorites with an unsettling 6-3. True to their quality ranking, Andrini and Langan were recovered in the second installment (3-6) and sent the match to a thrilling tie break was resolved by Spanish victory 10-2.
The other men's semifinal was also very even and as the first had a similar outcome. Murray and Darlington appeared in the starting position as favorites against Leach and Every, but logic is turned against the British couple and took the win in three sets. 2-6, 6-2 and 10-7 for Every Leach, who rallied from 5-2 down in the final sudden death.
With both partners qualify for the final, the last match was exciting. Both, defined third unfit for heart that faltered in September on a brutal tiebreaker Yeray Perez and Jorge Romero (12-10) took. To sudden death, the Spaniards imposed their law in Act also led to the tiebreaker, but lost power to Leach and Every delivery in the second (3-6). Yet to be decided, the final set was like a roller coaster. They began sending Perez and Romero, but Every Leach and never gave an excellent game and forced a decent epilogue occasions.
And if the men's surprise starred in the semi-finals in the women's number one seed, the Spanish Paula and Rebeca Sanchez also said goodbye early. The Sanchez sisters ran into a rock personified Sgariglia Gemma and Laurence Manessian that against 4-2 in the first set and the rest never threw in the towel and went around this opening chapter to go ahead 7-5, then close the battle with a 6-0 final.
The second semifinal was more uneven. Jemina Deigman King and Laura gave no option to Seville Iris Gonzalez and his partner, Jane Hyde. Far superior, the British got into the final after winning 6-2 6-1.
Like the men's final, women turned out very even, although Jemima King and Laura Deigman they knew withstand the pressure to close the first set in a tiebreaker against Gemma Sgariglia and Laurence Manessian and threading his way to the title. In the second act they broke the service of his opponents and champions cup in the ice cream man to put a final 6-4.
With a success, the adidas London Open 2015 goodbye and gives way at the International Paddle Challenge by Madison to the last leg of the only international amateur circuit paddle there. Spectacular facilities Higueron welcome the outcome of the adidas IPC. The winners of all tournaments will go to compete at the highest level with the best local players and those traveling from anywhere in the continent. Entries for this tournament are now open on the web: and the club itself, Higueron.