The padel conquers Athens


The International Padel Experience by Madison travels to Athens for the first time to celebrate a weekend full of excitement and fun with the best padel as the main character. During Friday and Saturday, the paddle took the Greek capital before a full stands and a media that did not want to miss the party of a sport that doesnt stop crossing borders

On Friday afternoon the first International Padel Experience by Madison Open Athens began. More than eight hours of the best paddle in a first day that lasted until two in the morning. No matter the time, the Forty Love Sport Club center presented a full bleachers of an audience that did not stop to encourage the players.

The day of Saturday began soon, the first players jumped to the track shortly before nine in the morning to start what would be a marathon of padel that would end at one o'clock in the morning. All eyes were on the Men's A category that played their games in the afternoon. There was great atmosphere throughout the day, with the spectators cheering each point and turning the weekend into a special date for padel lovers.

The third and last day of the International Padel Experience by Madison will serve to know who are the winners of the tournament. A new day full of padel in which the semifinals will be concluded and, in the afternoon, the finals of each category will take place.

Each couple already has their Welcome Pack, a welcome gift with which Bullpadel wanted to give to the real protagonists of this first Padel Experience by Madison: Athens Open, who have also been able to enjoy Estrella Damm products.