The International Padel Experience 2018 starts with four new countries in its roadmap

Destinations like Miami, Bilbao, San Marino, Athens, Vincenza, Cairo, Faro and Queretaro join the circuit, which will start on March 1 in the Biscayan capital and conclude with the Final Master dispute
The International Padel Experience by Madison raises the curtain of its seventh season with a calendar, to which eight new destinations appear to complete a tour that will once again become the best link between amateur sports and quality tourism. 21 venues, Final Master included, and 14 countries draw a tour that will have its starting point in Bilbao, a city that represents the first of the novelties of the calendar. The Biscayan capital will open the show with a tournament that will be held from March 1 to 4. The registration for this first episode is already open both on the website and in the club headquarters Pádel Bizkaia.

In addition to Bilbao, the circuit will feature new destinations as attractive as Miami, Cairo, Querétaro (Mexico), Faro (Portugal), San Marino, Vincenza (Italy) or Athens, where players traveling from other countries they will be able to enjoy the historical values ​​that distill the Greek capital while they dispute one of the most singular tournaments of the course.

Since its birth, in 2012, the International Padel Experience by Madison has not stopped growing and every year there are more cities and countries that want to join the great family that represents the only international amateur padel circuit that exists. In this sense, Madison will communicate in the coming days some appointments that will be added to the 2018 calendar to round off a record season.

The 2018 course will mean a new leap in quality for a circuit that has great recognition and relevance at an international level. In 2017, the International Padel Experience by Madison presented figures that show its enormous entity. More than 62,000 kilometers traveled, more than a score of nationalities in play and more than 2,500 participants are data that reflect the global impact of the circuit for a sport in full expansion such as padel.

In addition to officially presenting its calendar, the International Padel Experience by Madison has also launched its new website, a renewed meeting point where the fans of the best padel in the world will find all the information related to the 2018 tournaments, the summary videos of each tournament, as well as a differential content that will have a remarkable appeal for both participants and fans of the coolest sport in Spain.

Along with the cities that join the circuit, the International Padel Experience by Madison will repeat destinations that are already a classic in the tour. In this way, Andorra, Zurich, Dublin, Saly (Senegal) or Rome, among others, complete this 2018 calendar that is presented in partnership with 20 appointments but in the coming days will add new and unmissable destinations for all fans of the best padel amateur of the planet.

As usual, the first two couples classified in each category in the different stops of the season will be awarded with Bullpadel sports equipment and product of Estrella Damm, two of the main sponsors of the project. In addition, the winners of the highest category will be made with two hotel nights and a place for the Final Master, as well as two tickets to enjoy the Estrella Damm Master Final of World Padel Tour.

One more year, the circuit will have the support of Estrella Damm, Bullpadel and World Padel Tour as main sponsors and Padel Spain and Padel TV as official media that will accompany the circuit throughout the season.

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