What are the most common injuries on the padel?

he main annoyances that occur with the practice of the paddle are located mainly in arms and elbows, being muscular, tendinosas and articular the majority of these injuries. The reason is the constant movement that occurs when hitting the ball with the blade. If you are fond of this sport or are starting to play you will be well aware of the most common injuries in the paddle. Specifically, the most frequent injuries that paddle players must endure are elbow tendonitis, tennis elbow, and shoulder tendonitis of the rotator cuff. The excessive use we make of these joints will eventually cause discomfort. Also it is very habitual that they suffer low back pains and pains by the overloads and muscular imbalances that exist between the lumbar wall and the abdominal one. Finally, knee sprains are among the most frequent discomfort due to continuous changes of direction and twists. It is important that when we notice the first symptoms we begin to treat the discomforts. If you do not apply an early rehabilitative treatment you may end up becoming a chronic nuisance. TO Tips to avoid injury As with all other sports disciplines, it is necessary that before we play, we perform a series of warm-up exercises so that the muscles are active. You should also take some time at the end of the session to stretch. In our objective of avoiding any type of injury we also remind you that it is necessary to have a sports equipment suitable for the practice of this sport, which refers mainly to footwear, clothing and shovel. It is clear that the paddle is a good sport for people of all ages, and it does not require a great physical preparation. However, great care must be taken and sufficient means must be provided to avoid injury, and when these are as slight as possible.