What is my padel level?

Many of the players by the International Padel Experience Madison is asking the same question when enroll in one category or another: What level I have ?. It depends on several factors, such as the training received in each player, the time it takes to play and assiduously, interests and aspirations of the same or simply the talent of each. So today we bring you a series of scales that you calculéis roughly what your level of pádel: In a list of 1 to 7 where 1 is the highest 7 the lowest level, we could explain the differences as follows: Level 1: It is the corresponding level of those playing paddle tennis for the first time. Level 2: The player has the following characteristics: RIGHT: Gesture (swing) incomplete, lack of directional control, slow ball. SETBACK: Avoid the back, erratic beating, handle problems, incomplete gesture. SERVICE / OTHER: incomplete gesture, usually commits double faults, pot inconsistent ball, rest with many problems. VOLLEY: Avoid coming to the net, avoids backhand volley, poor positioning of feet BOUNCER: Do not get back any rebound. PLAYING STYLE: Familiar with basic positions, although it is often incorrectly posciona Level 3: The player has the following characteristics: RIGHT: Relatively good consistency and moderate variety of shots, good directional control, developing range of shots (cut, flat, topspin). SETBACK: Ready to hit frequently with relative consistency. SERVICE / REST: Developing service gesture, little consistency when trying to hit with power, second service is considerably worse than the first. Resta with relative consistency. VOLLEY: forehand volley consistently, inconsistent backhand volley, problems with beads feet and open shots. BOUNCER: is positioned correctly in slow strokes, gets impaled. Do not moved forward in strong balls. STYLE OF PLAY: Consistent with medium speed ball, little consistency in positioning with the partner, sometimes one up and one down, go up to the net when play dictates but weak in execution. Level 4: The player has the following characteristics: RIGHT: Reliable, hits enough control, control tries to hit with tough defensive shots. SETBACK: You can direct the ball with consistency and moderate ball speeds, developing variety of shots. SERVICE / REST: Place first and second, power and placement frequent first, using balls cut in service, reliable in the rest, rest with depth and control. VOLLEY: Depth and control on forehand volley, drives the backhand volley but with lack of depth and aggressiveness. Developing low volleys. BOUNCER: Returns consistently rebounding from right, is positioned correctly on the backhand rebounds. Bajada consistent wall power and right, backwards usually played globe. SPECIAL BLOWS Hits consistently overlooked, get aggressive volleying blows, begins to define points with the volley and smash, search and directs the volley to the weak side of the rivals, defends balloons consistently. Begins to develop the tray. STYLE OF PLAY: reliable and controlled speeds over medium-high ball scrimmage. Team play, point loss in rallies for lack of patience. Level 5: The player has the following characteristics: RIGHT: Hitting with strong control depth and variety of shots, use the right to make the climb to the network. Consisting deep balloons. SETBACK: You can use the reverse aggressive blows pretty good consistency, good control direction and depth on most shots. Fairly consistent in deep and defense balloons. SERVICE / REST: Place the service effectively, looking for the weak spot and win the rival network quickly. Good variety of services, depth, placement seconds to force underpowered remains, remains difficult controlled services. VOLLEY: Can hit most volleys with depth and power plays difficult volleys with depth, looking for the weak spot rival. BOUNCER: Good defense rebounds, even with heavy balls. Get winning points with strong rebounds wall. Bajadas good both right wall backhand. SPECIAL HITS: Hit hard and high efficiency, good defensive and offensive balloons, hits overlooked in any position on the track control plays trays with consistency, gets hit winners with strong smash. Get 3 hit the ball out sometimes. STYLE OF PLAY: Varia the game as the opponent, solid teamwork, able to read the game and find the weakness rival, is less consistent mentally and physically than the 5.5 player Level 6 and 7: These players do not need categories. Appear in rankings championships, 6 have intensive trainings for regional and national tournaments, and has national ranking. The player 6 has potential to become player 7 and national tournaments played continuously. The player 7 is the professional paddle player competes in open tournaments and their main source of income is tournament prizes and sponsors.